Hokkaido: Life in 2021

Yikes. So I realize I haven’t posted anything since December.

Things have been quite busy in our home and work so I haven’t had the time to actually sit down and write a decent blog post on here. I feel like I am the only person who got busier during this time. I do apologize to you guys who were kind enough to follow me and my updates.

To be honest, as far as travel and Hokkaido events go, there haven’t been much happening that is worthy to blog about.

As everybody knows, we are still in the thick of this world-wide battle to stop the spread of Covid-19. Running a travel blog during a pandemic is quite difficult to do, especially since there’s no place to go because events have been pretty much canceled or stripped down to a very basic level where it’s not even worth it to leave the house.

Frankly, I am still very scared of being infected by the virus, and I am trying to avoid the crowds as much as I can. One thing is that some people are comfortable going out and have visited places. So that means everywhere you go will be filled with people–but I still don’t feel comfortable enough to be surrounded by that.

Poster of 140 Years of Hokkaido Railways

So then what should I do?

I’ve decided to re-visit some of my favorite places and will post some reviews and commentary on the events and destinations I’ve been to while living here in Hokkaido. I’m going to have to dig through some of my files in my archives. I have some photos that stretch back all the way to 2004, when I first came here to Japan. That should be fun. I am looking forward to revisiting my old photos. It’s going to be a trip down memory lane for me.

Unfortunately, some of the places I mention probably won’t be as up-to-date with the latest information. I might be posting some details that will be sadly pre-Corona days and might have changed since I last visited. Once the travel bans have been lifted and if I can, I will do my best to update the posts with the proper information.

I’ve also decided to write about more food posts and mundane stuff about life in Japan. I know it’s not as exciting as traveling to exotic places, but I need something to write about 😅 to justify the expense of running this blog.

Chitose Ham!!!!

I’m going to up my reviews of Hokkaido souvenirs. I hope to post more yummy articles about sweets and different snacks produced by Hokkaido companies. That’s easy enough to do, to just go out and buy anything that has the prefecture’s name on it.

So here’s to more posts for 2021.

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