Happy New Year!

What’s that? A post? A real one?

No, you are not dreaming. This is my first post for the new year.

Snow, snow, snow so far for the year. This is my neighbor digging her car out of the three feet of snow that piled up two weeks ago during the snowstorm we had

Really, though, is it still okay to say that? I want to believe so. I am writing this on January 31, 2022, the last day of the first month in hopes that it still counts as befitting a greeting for the new year.

I am back again to writing. After the last article I did last year in March, I ended up not posting anything from 2021.

And I do apologize to you guys who have signed up and followed me. It doesn’t make a good impression when a blogger suddenly disappears so suddenly. I can only hope for understanding because times were rough with the pandemic. I guess it’s difficult to maintain a travel blog when events and places got shut down to prevent the spread of the virus.

In any case, I hope to be more consistent this time around. After two years of living with this pandemic, I think I can say that I am used to it and I no longer feel so fearful for myself all the time. I still fear for my older parents and for my sister, though. I’ll just continue to hope and pray that the vaccines are doing the trick and that my family and friends continue to be vigilant to protect themselves from being infected.

So what have I been doing the last few months, if not the year? Pretty much just eating and drinking, discovering new things (mostly food), and taking photos of them. I’ve forgotten how to blog, but I haven’t forgotten that I need to blog so I’ve been diligent in documenting my mini-adventures. Any time I tried something new or found something different, I usually snap photos of them so they’re stored in my computer and my phone.

So some of the things I’ve been trying:

Family Mart’s Butter Biscuit Series. This one is the pistachio-flavored one. They are so good. They deserve to have a post of their own.

Ohagi. Okay, this one is not a new thing, but I discovered that I actually love it. I hate beans, but this one gets a pass.

Sparkling Sake. Um, not my favorite. It was too sweet for me. I think I prefer to have my sake on the dry side. But I liked the bubbliness of it, though.

The new tonkatsu restaurant that opened up in Eniwa. This one needs a write up. I liked the restaurant, the staff, and the overall mood of the place.

So just a quick note to say that I am back and Happy New Year to everyone. I really hope this year 2022 will be better for everyone.

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