Happy New Year!

So we’re on to a new year, 2023. I know I’m really late, but I figured it’s still January so it still technically counts.

I know I haven’t been updating even though I’ve been meaning to, but life has a way of saying: Nope, not right now.

In any case, things really are opening up right now. The borders are definitely relaxing more and we’re seeing a lot more tourists walking around and traveling all over Hokkaido. That’s a good thing, and hopefully, it will be a permanent return to the way things were.

For 2023, I have a lot of projects planned for myself personally, and I really hope that carries over to this endeavor.

I am also looking forward to my parents visiting in a few months. It’s been three or four years since we’ve had people from overseas visiting our home here in Kitahiroshima. I hope I can still do a good job hosting and making sure my parents have a good time.

That’s kind of the catalyst of why I need to get back to blogging again. I realized that I have no idea of where to take my parents because this is not their first time to Hokkaido. They’ve been to the major areas already, so I really need to step up my game for this visit. I have a few ideas and I want to share that on the blog as well as plan for it when my parents come over.

And I’m hoping that I really get back to blogging consistently. This will be my goal for the rest of the year.

Here’s hoping I can accomplish that!

And here’s some rose wine from the Tokachi area.


  1. Hi Rochelle, I will be reading with interest over the next few weeks. My partner and I are heading to Hokkaido for the first time and will take any tips!
    Because of the current weather, and we are travelling by train, we will be likely to do 3 or 4 nights in Sapporo. Side trips to Kutchan/Niseko. Maybe Mt Usu and/or Noboribetsu on the way in if weather permits.
    We will go all the way out to Abashiri for 3 nights. I have lined up a local Guide there for a day.


    • Hi Tony! I am so sorry to be only seeing this now. You’ve probably already left the area, and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to wish you a happy trip. I still hope you enjoyed your time in Hokkaido, though. Your itinerary sounds like it was packed but still interesting. Wishing you a good day!


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