Websites and Resources

I’ve compiled a list of some websites that are dedicated to Hokkaido. They’re not in any particular order of importance or significance. This is just to give you more information about travel and places to see. If you’re a resident of Hokkaido, I hope this will also help you deal with issues that you might not think about.

I will continue to update this list so keep checking here if you need more information than I could possibly provide.

Hokkaido Guide

A very comprehensive website that features places to visit, events, shops, restaurants, and various activities to fit your travel and lifestyle needs.

Hokkaido Insider

If you live in Hokkaido, this is a must. This site is run by Ken Hartman, a long time expat, and offers information about Sapporo. It’s also particularly important if you’re looking for jobs in the area. If you’re planning on living here for a while, make sure you sign up for the news service, at least. Ken will usually email you lots of events or pertinent things that affect the expat community. The paid job subscription service was worth it.

GoodDay Hokkaido

This site is the official travel site of Hokkaido. They offer lots of information for site-seeing and travel information. Different languages are available on site.

Hokkaido Prefecture’s Official Site (English)

The site I linked to above is in English, but there are also options for different languages. This place is good to check up on the nitty gritty stuff about life in Hokkaido, not just in Sapporo. Information covers all of the island.

Sapporo’s Official Information Page

This site is dedicated mostly to Sapporo and daily life. Check here for events and important information for its residents. Available in Chinese and Korean as well.

Japan Guide’s Sapporo Website

Japan Guide has lots of travel information for different parts of the country. This site is specifically for Sapporo and the immediate areas. There’s lots of guides and places of interest. It’s a good point to start off if you’re traveling to Sapporo.

What’s On in Sapporo?

This is a website that is really the monthly English newsletter published by Hokkaido International Women’s Association. The newsletter is in PDF form and includes news and upcoming events of Sapporo. You can also pick up the physical copy at the Tourist Information Center in Sapporo Station.


This site is more of a portal to various blogs and sites dedicated to Hokkaido. There’s lots of information in English and Japanese so make sure go through it thoroughly. You can also buy books from them or set up an appointment to visit their store.

The Hokkaido Wilds

This site is a must for people who are active and do a lot of outdoor sports. There’s information on where to go for skiing, hiking trails, and cycling. Check it out before you try to do anything on your own.

Hokkaido Likers 

This is another website that has lots of information on events and places to see in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido Explorer

Lots and lots of information about food, events, sites and shops in Hokkaido. One of my favorite sites for checking out interesting things to do  when I’m in town or bored.

One More! Hokkaido

Instagram worthy website with lots of photos and some explanations of where to visit in Hokkaido. It covers the gamut of the island from east to west, north to south, and of course, everything in between. Available in Chinese and English.


This website offers some information on the history and culture of Hokkaido if you’re interested. It’s part of the official Hokkaido Tourism information site, so it’s got lots of information and lots of pictures. The site has only English and Japanese, though.

Planetize Blog Article

The best 30 places you can visit in Hokkaido. I totally approve of this article. It covers the gamut of local areas in Sapporo and travel to far-flung places all over the island. I guess you can say it’s the highlight reel of some of the best travel spots in Hokkaido.